About GeekyCutesy

GeekyCutesy is a quirky approach to the traditional jewelry you see every day.  We love creating simple, classic looking jewelry and accessories that are innocuous at first glance, but really show your unique self.  Whether you love all things geek, all things cute, or a mix of both, you'll find something here!  Snark is fairly prevalent, as well!

We also provide custom, personalized jewelry consultation services.  Send an email to info@geekycutesy.com for more information.


What do I make?

I make fun, pop-culture filled, snarky, geeky, cutesy, and bespoke stamped metal items! 

What is bespoke?

Bespoke is an old-world term for custom, made-to-order goods. I love the classic mouthfeel of it, I'm such a word-nerd!

What inspires me?

Life!  (The universe, and everything!)  Honestly, I'm inspired by whatever I'm binging at the time, whether it be books, movies, or TV shows. Right now I'm on a huge L.M. Montgomery re-reading kick, but I also just finished a whole slew of Sarah J. Maas novels and watched The Greatest Showman like fifteen times, so my items have had a lot of old-timey and romantic quotes!

But what IS it?

I mostly work with aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and brass for handstamping, as pure as I can get it!  The aluminum is food-grade, hypoallergenic, and non-tarnishing.  The stainless steel I work with is medical-grade and either plain stainless or rose gold/gold plated. I also have a few pieces of precious metal, it super freaks me out to work with such expensive stuff, so I mostly stick with aluminum!

How do you make all this cool sh-t?!

I take either pre-cut or personally hand-sawed metal, secure it safely to my steel bench block, and hammer away!  Every letter, every design element, period, comma, what-have-you is an individual stamp that is hammered by me!  This means that everything I make is completely unique, just due to the fact that I am not a machine - I measure and space everything out as best I can, but every piece will come out slightly different.  I then sand smooth all rough edges, color-fill the stamping, and polish it up to a beautiful shine.